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Use of Varied Technologies

ITDCem has employed and adapted various specialist technologies and processes in construction projects. These include first time demonstration/application as :

Technology Location & Year
Spun pile driving & Installation with drivability analysis. – Dahej, Gujarat, 2015
Bi-directional construction of RCC commercial building with Top down technique using Bored Pre-cast piles – Mumbai, 2015
Elevated track segment construction over operational metro line at a record height of 21m above ground level – DMRC, Delhi, 2014
37.5m of tunneling in a day with installation of 25 rings – DMRC, Delhi 2009
1.7 Km long tunnel completion using TBM in 152 days – DMRC, Delhi 2009
Installation of 211 driven cast in-situ piles in a single day at a site – Mundra, Kutch 2008
Installation of more than 40 driven cast in-situ piles in a single day by a rig – Mundra, Kutch 2008
Deep drilling with top hammer in drainage gallery under 2m headroom – Sripada Yallampalli (A.P.) 2006
12.5 Km construction of diaphragm wall by an agency in a single project – Sabarmati, Ahmedabad 2005
First Shiplift Facility for Indian Navy – Sea Bird, Karwar 2005
Ground Improvement by Vibro Compaction Technique – Sea Bird, Karwar 2003
Marine Piling from both ends of Gantry – JNPT, Mumbai 2000
Contiguous Precast Driven Piles – Haldia Port, West Bengal 1999
First Private sector Container Terminal – JNPT, Mumbai 1999
Marine band drain from Spuded pontoon – Kakinada Port 1993
Marine piling from Jack up platform – Tuticorin 1991
Quick grout for sealing of heavy leaks – Kolkata 1985
Heavy deadman anchors, using steel tie rod – Paradip 1984
Jacking of Rectangular RCC boxes – Kolkata 1981
Tube Heading Technique under Railway tracks – Kolkata 1977
Jacked down steel piles – Kolkata 1976
Pipe Jacking under Rail/ Road embankments – Howrah 1971
Sandwicks for Accelerated soil Consolidation – Kolkata 1968
Control of underground subsidence – Kulti 1968
Marine investigation from Jack-up-rigs – Chennai 1967
Small dia bore piling – Bokaro Steel 1966
Soil densification by Vibroflot method – Chennai 1961

Experience in the use of above technologies enables ITD Cem to undertake a variety of construction activities. ITD Cem also believes that the use of sophisticated technology is an advantage as it enables superior execution of projects in a shorter time frame without compromising on quality