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Shareholders Information and Forms

Registering / Updating the KYC details For the Shareholders:
Sr.No. Particulars Forms (Upload)
2 Nominee Details SH-13, SH-14, ISR-3 (As Applicable)
3 Contact details (postal address. Mobile Number & E-mail) ISR-1
4 Bank details ISR-1
5 Signature ISR-1, ISR-2 (As Applicable)
6 15G 15G
7 15H 15H

Processing of various service requests
Sr.No. Particulars Form
1 Issue of Duplicate Securities Certificate ISR-4
2 Replacement / Renewal / Exchange of securities certificate ISR-4
3 Consolidation of securities certificate ISR-4
4 Sub-division / Splitting of securities certificate ISR-4
5 Consolidation of folios ISR-4
6 Endorsement ISR-4
7 Change in the name of the holder ISR-4
8 Change in status from Minor to Major and Resident to NRI and vice versa NA
9 Claim from Unclaimed Suspense Account & Suspense Escrow Demat Account ISR-4
10 Transposition ISR-4
11 Transmission ISR-5

Details of the Business Maritime Structures / Highways, Bridges & Flyovers / TBM & NATM Tunnels / Foundation & Specialist Engineering / Airport / Industrial Structure & Building / Mass Rapid Transit Systems / Box Pushing, Tube Heading & Microtunelling / Hydroelectric Power, Dams & Irrigation / Water & Waste Water
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Terms and conditions of appointment of independent directors Click Here
Composition of Board of Directors and Committees of the Directors Click Here
Code of conduct of Board of Directors and Senior Management Personnel Click Here
Details of familiarization programmes imparted to independent directors Click Here
Disclosure of contact details of key managerial personnel who are authorized for the purpose of determining materiality of an event Click Here
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