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Foundation & Specialist Engineering

ITD Cem was founded on the strength of Ground Engineering expertise and till date, it continues to lead the industry in this field. For the last eight decades, ITD Cem has been working relentlessly and its past performance and commitment has earned it a special status of being the customer’s first choice for any Geo technical Engineering application. The Company offers the most modern and comprehensive range of construction techniques for the construction of Piles and Diaphragm Walls, Ground Improvement, Drilling Grouting Works, Rock Anchors, Slope Stabilisation and Rehabilitation Work.
An in-house design capability helps it offer practical and economical solutions to meet most ground conditions and structural requirements likely to arise in the construction industry. ITD Cem has repeatedly demonstrated leadership by introducing new and improved technologies in India.

Range of services

Geotechnical Investigations

Includes special range of Boring, Drilling, Sampling and Testing facilities to offer best solution to foundations and rock mechanics problems.


Bored cast-in-situ – small / large diameter – cased bentonite mud-circulated or rotary to suit various substrata characteristics. Driven cast-in- situ or precast. Special piles – Precast pre- bored, Pedestals, Grouted Piles, Jacked Piles, Mini-piles. Contiguous Piles for deep excavation support.

Diaphragm Walling

Constructed by Kelly – mounted hydraulic grabs / rope grabs to meet conventional to special applications to retain excavation in deep basements, as a permanent part of underground structures or as a cut-off against water seepage below hydraulic structures.

Sandwicks / Band Drains

An economical system for accelerating consolidation in weak clayey soils thereby reducing post construction settlement.

Vibrofloatation Stone-Columns / Vibro 2 Compaction

Provides quick strengthening of sandy / clayey soils to support foundations.

Drilling and Grouting

Consolidation, sealing / minimising water leakages – applied to Dams, Basements, Tunnels, and for Structural repairs.

Rock / Soil Anchors

Active and passive anchors, with in-house design facilities meeting varied range Civil Engineering applications.


Colloidal concrete for underwater construction, Coffer Dams and plugging of Drifts; for plug type Dams in Mines and subsidence control.

Gunite / Shotcrete

Plain or reinforced Gunite or Shotcrete for masonry, concrete or rock surfaces.

Grouted Mattress

A proven solution in flowing water to the problem of protecting the surfaces of water-retaining embankments, channels, canals, river and coastal works against erosion.

Repairs / Rehabilitation / Underpinning

Comprehensive engineering solution to protect Dams, Mines, Bridges, R.C.C. structures, Underground Ducts / Pits, Tunnels, Power Stations, Buildings against damage resulting from corrosion / leakage / seepage / weathering.


  • A proprietary design competence that makes it possible to offer economical solutions in the face of diverse ground conditions and structural requirements.
  • The introduction of new or improved technologies, reinforcing its credentials as the customer’s preferred choice
    in projects warranting geotechnical engineering applications.
  • The execution of a large number of tube heading and box pushing projects, demonstrating the company’s technological competence.
  • The pioneering implementation of a challenging spun concrete piling technique for the first time in India.
  • The completion of a challenging assignment of 3,800 bored and driven piles in just four months in Paradip



    The Sabarmati riverfront project is truly multi-dimensional. But the inclusive development model that the project attempted to achieve has been truly unique. Never before has an urban infrastructure mega project, by a unique inclusive development model, covered all sections of the city and created world class facilities for the entire city to enjoy.
    The Sabarmati Riverfront has added vibrancy to the urban landscape of Ahmedabad with its open spaces, walkways, well-designed gardens along with activities which contribute to economic growth. Several other benefits of this project like recharging of ground water owing to the continuous presence of water in the river and decongestion of the major north – south road (Ashram road) by providing additional road linkages to the parallel roads running along the river front are available to the citizens.
    Considered a landmark riverfront project in India – more than 13 Km length of diaphragm wall and anchor slab with special fill, retaining wall, ramps and RCC box culverts / hume pipes along river Sabarmati.

  • IOCL Paradip

    Name of Work: Piling Work for south Side of Paradip Refinery Project.

    Work Include:
    He Work Involves about Drive & Bored piling Works 22,035 nos various diameter 3,13,531 RM and 87,922 Cum Concrete & 10,654MT Reinforcement.

  • OPaL Project, SAMSUNG, DAHEJ

    Piling Works, precast pipe rack, and supply of RMC at our opal, HDPE Project.
    The Work Involves about
    1. Drive piling Works – 711nos (600mm diameter)
    2. Bored piling Works 2506 nos (800mm diameter )
    3. Under Reamed Piles -344 nos (400mm diameter)
    4. 64nos Pre Cast pipe Racks with 188 nos Longitudinal Beams.
    5. Total quantity Projects 53,626.4 RM and 14500 Cum Concrete.

  • HPCL-Mittal Pipelines Ltd. At Mundra

    Construction of Driven Piles for tankages – 9091Nos.(1,44,034 RM) Of 560mm dia insta ‘The work involves about 37010 Cum Piles Concrete quantity and 4979 MT Reinforcement with ‘Testing of pile:
    intial /Routine Vertical- 37nos
    intial /Routine Lateral – 36 nos.

    We have completed entire scope of 8809 driven cast-in-situ piles on the fast track project at Mundra in record of 3 months 26 days which is quiet ahead of schedule.
    Following are the highlights of the project.

    1. Construction of platform by earth filling – 77596 Cum
    2. Sand filling – 43491 Cum
    3. No. of cast-in-situ driven piles – 8809 nos.
    4. Reinforcement used in the piles – 4800 MT
    5. Concrete used in the piles – 36300 Cum
    6. No. of tests carried out (Vertical, Lateral & Pullout) – 84 nos.
    7. Maximum no. of piles installed in one day ie. January 29, 2009 – 211 nos.
    8. Maximum no. of piles installed in one day with one rig – 40 nos.
    9. 100 piles & above installed in a single day – 44 times ( 5904 nos. of piles)
    10. No. of piles installed in single month i.e. January 2009 – 3301 nos.

  • JayPee NOIDA

    Piling Works For Residential Towers of Jaypee Noida. Work Consists Pre Casting of Piles using Fabricated reinforcement involves About: The Precast Driven Piles 20000 nos of 450mm dia @ 15 m depth.

  • BMCT- (PVD) in Land and Marine Mode for Development of 4th Container Terminal at JNPT

    Installation of Band Drains (PVD) in Land and Marine Mode for Development of 4th Container Terminal at JNPT, Uran – Phase I.
    The work involves about :
    Installation of PVD
    i) Land Mode – 9,00,000 Nos. @ 15m depth (avg.) from WGL = 1,35,00,000 Rmt.
    ii) Marine Mode – 3,00,000 Nos. @ 22m depth (avg.) from WGL = 66,00,000 Rmt..


    Installation of Bored Cast Situ Piles along with driving of Precast Spun piles of balance of plant Cryogenic Ethane storage tank at Dahej manufacturing Division (DMD) Dahej, Gujarat.

    The work involves about :
    i) Bored Cast In SITU Piles 600 MM Dia (29.50 mtr Depth) – 997 Nos.
    ii) Driving of Precast Spun Piles 600 MM Dia (24.00 mtr Depth)- 2400 Nos.
    iii) Spun Piles Consist of Two Segment of 12 Mtr LONG.

  • Jindal Steel Private Limited-RAIGARH SHORE PILES

    Construction of Earth/Side Retaining Systems at Proposed Re-Heating Furnace Area of M/s. JSPL at Raigarh, Chattisgarh.
    ‘The work involves about:
    i) Boring of Micro Pile of 300mm dia 5167m.
    ii) Fabarication & Installation of anchors of 60 MT Capacity 68 nos.

  • AEGIS Logistics limited

    Civil Work For tank Foundation (Including Precast Driven Piles) at H- 2 Plot at haldia, West Bengal.
    The work involves about:
    Construction of Precast Driven Piles -680 Nos.of 450mm dia ‘The work involves about 11,185 Cum Piles and Civil Works Concrete and 1275 MT Reinforcement.

  • Toyo, Intake, Mundra-Gujarat

    Construction of Sea water intake andf out fill:
    The work involves about:
    The scope is for Sea Water Intake & Outfall Pit, having sandwitch panel at bottom, excavation upto 14.5m depth.
    1. 800mm thk. Dwall T-shaped : 144 Rmt. @ 22m depth – 5890 Sqm
    2. Concreting various grades : 9877 Cum
    3. Reinforcement : 1268 MT
    4. Excavation : 23635 Nos.

  • Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd.

    Shotcreting to U/s face, Drilling Grouting and Deep Pointing on Downstream face of Linganmakki Dam.
    The work involves about :
    1. Shotcreting to the U/s face of the dam : 8660 Sqm
    2. Poiting to D/s face of the dam:5055 Sqm
    3. Under water videography and plugging of pin ponts
    4. Drilling with non coring of 50 mm dia. : 19332 Rmt
    5. Grouting (cement) :1920 MT .
    6. Reaming and redrilling of porous and drainage holes: 3093 Rmt.


    Construction of club house (sub Structure work with Top down Methodology and Super structure with con. Method).