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Corporate Governance

ITD Cem believes that good corporate governance is an important constituent in enhancing stakeholder value. ITD Cem has in place processes and systems whereby the Company complies with the requirements of Corporate Governance.

The Board has an optimum combination of Executive and Non-Executive Directors. The composition of the Board is in conformity with the Listing Regulation 2015 as amended. As on date the Company has six (6) Directors with a Non- Executive Chairman. Of the six (6) Directors, four (4) are Non- Executive Directors out of which three (3) are Independent Directors.

Specimen Of Appointment Letter Of Independent Directors Of The Company

Familiarization programs for Independent Directors includes:

  • Corporate presentation to Audit and Board alongwithQuarterly / Annual Financial Statements.
  • Managing Director’s Report to the Board on operational performance covering safety, training, HR, Orders / WIH, major prospects, financials, focus areas, etc. on  a Quarterly basis.
  • Code of Conduct of Independent Directors  circulated. Appointment letter gives Guidelines of Professional Conduct, role, function and duties of an Independent Director.
  • Presentation made to the Board on Independent Directors’ role, functions, duties and responsibilities.
Familiarization programs for Independent Directors