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Corporate Objectives


Our aim is a satisfied client, a strong and proactive workforce and quality product finished on time maintaining highest safety standard and to budget.


To make ITD Cementation India Limited, the country’s leading construction Company in customer choice, quality and safety

Core Principles

  • Our safety, health and quality standards are second to none.
  • We are Customer’s delight.
  • Employees are our most important asset and working conditions and training must enable them to give their best.
  • We strive to ensure timely commencement and completion of projects.
  • Plant and machinery are our wealth. We ensure their proper maintenance to prolong productivity.
  • We prioritise state-of-the art technology and an excellent MIS system.
  • Environmental awareness and care for our surroundings in which we live is a part of our business philosophy.
  • Our competitive edge is maintained through specialist skills and commitment to both training and R&D.